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The process of selling a home, whether it’s the one that you’re currently living in, a home that you bought as an investment or a property that you inherited, can be time-consuming, complicated and frustrating. Much of the time, the process of prepping to show your home can quickly turn into a full-time job. Selling to an investor will speed up the process and put cash in your pocket quickly. Sell your House Fast and get a Cash Offer. 

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If your financial situation has grown so dire that you can’t make the payments, you will generally have 120 days before the lender can start foreclosure proceedings. However, you are probably near the end of your financial rope.

By the time you can no longer pay your mortgage, you’ve probably been avoiding other bills and dealing with unpleasant phone calls, threats of legal action, and other financial harassment. By the time the house payment can’t be covered, you’ve been facing a lot of financial stress. You may have even been trying to sell your home prior to that grim 120-day window. Instead of dealing with the difficulties of showing you a home, it’s time to talk to a real estate investor who can quickly help with the sale of your home.

Inherited Unwanted Properties

There are many people who think that inherited property is a sign of great wealth. However, if you inherit a property from an elderly or ill relative, you will likely be dealing with a home that needs

  • maintenance, such as roof, gutter, and foundation repairs
  • physical upgrades, like new windows or HVAC upgrades
  • cosmetic updates, such as design updates, new flooring, and other improvements

Landscaping may have been allowed to languish. Outbuildings may be falling down. An inherited home can be a financial millstone for the executor and a source of terrible contention among family members. A quick sale and cash in the pocket can lower your stress level and even save relationships.

It’s also important to note that a home that has been willed to you after a death will be a security risk. Sadly, there are thieves that choose their targets based on the names in the obituaries. The longer the property sits empty, the more damage it may suffer due to vandals and thieves.

Selling Due to Divorce

The last couple of years have not been easy on people or relationships. Life has been

  • Squeezed as we shelter in place
  • Uncertain as we wait for the pandemic to pass
  • Compressed as we faced economic uncertainty

If your marriage didn’t survive recent events, you’re not alone. If you and your spouse are working to avoid causing one another financial damage, your housing situation may be getting extremely difficult. To keep your sanity, safety, and health intact, working with a real estate investor to Sell Your House Fast In Kansas City may be the best choice.

Finally, the process of showing a home can be a huge time commitment, particularly if you have pets. When a realtor wants to show your home, someone needs to dash home, corral the pets, scramble to tidy things up, get out of the way, then put the pets back when the showing is over. If you and your spouse have chosen to end your marriage, the effort it will take to show your home could easily become another point of contention. When you work with an investment property buyer, you deal with one showing before you have an offer.

We can help you! Sell your House Fats & Get a Cash Offer

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What does an investment buyer do?

Kansas City and Grandview Home Buyers KC can help anyone who needs to sell a home quickly. Because they are working with funds that are not tied to any federal mortgage program, they can turn an unwanted house into cash quickly

What do investment buyers do with your house once they buy it?

Investment buyers update, alter, and sell the homes they buy to owner occupants. They also sell homes to landlords to be turned into rental properties. The goal of an investment buyer is to own and repair properties quickly to turn them over to someone who can get an official mortgage on the property.

Will selling my house to an investment buyer hurt my credit?

Selling prior to the foreclosure will actually protect your credit. Waiting until the house is in foreclosure will be one more negative hit on your credit. Even if you have to short sell the house, which will impact your credit, you can quickly get back to work fixing your credit once the house is off your back.

How it Works

An investment buyer will come to the house, view the structure and take careful notes of any updates and repairs that will need to be made. Because investment buyers tend to finance the project with hard money, they borrow enough to cover the sale price to you, the repairs, and payments to allow the necessary time to get the repairs and updates done. Kansas City Home Offers, understand that the price that you’re getting is only part of the package that the investor has borrowed to get the project moving.

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Sell your House Fast in Kansas City

Your Kansas City property may be in need of a lot of work or just need cosmetic updates. However, if you don’t have the time to take the steps to Sell My House Fast Kansas City, it’s going to be nothing but a hassle for you, your family and your credit. Kansas City Home Offers can help you come to an agreement on a sale price that will allow you to shed the burden of a house that you can’t care for or secure. With our team you can  sell your house fast for a cash offer. 

Those who live in the Grandview, MO area may be professionally tied to the Air Force Base. Often in military service, moves are quick and can force you to sell your house quickly. If you don’t get the sale done, you may need to

  • Split households while one person stays put trying to sell the house
  • Leaving an empty house for the realtor to sell
  • Risks of theft and vandalism
  • Renting the property to someone who may or may not take care of it.

Even if you’re not tied to the Air Force Base, waiting for your current house to sell while looking for a new place is frenetic and exhausting.

Keeping your home constantly ready to sell can exponentially increase your daily chores. Skip the worry and sell your home to an investor. You’ll know how much you’re going to get, you’ll get your money quickly, and you can focus on your new home purchase. Sometimes, the power to Sell Your House Fast Kansas City can turn your home search into a fun process instead of a worry-fest.

Depending on the status of your personal situation, selling a home quickly can save your sanity and your health. Even if you’re not under a great deal of financial stress, selling fast can reduce the pressure of having your focus split. By working with an investment real estate buyer, you can quickly get out from under a home that you can no longer afford, that you just don’t want to manage anymore, or that your family doesn’t want to market to an owner-occupant.