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If you need to sell your Grandview, MO home you have quite a few options. However, if the house isn’t in the best of shape or if you need to move the property quickly, you may have the best luck selling to a real estate investor. Get in Touch with Kansas City Home Offers and sell your house to a trusted Real State Investor. We Guarantee a fast process & Cash offers.

Why Sell To An Investor?

Selling a home to a real estate investor takes a lot of the burden off the seller. For example, you can sell the property without having to do updates and repairs first. When a house is on the owner occupant market, you’re generally dealing with buyers who are pre-qualified for an FHA mortgage.

An FHA mortgage will require the seller to arrange for inspections and take care of any required repairs before selling the house. If your buyer has a contract on the property, you will either be stuck dealing with those repairs or waiting for the contract to fall through before you can sell it to someone else.

Finally, by selling to an investor, you can get your money out fast. For example, if you’re connected with the Air Force and in need of a quick sale so you can transfer out, the ability to Sell Your House Fast Grandview MO can be the difference between buying at your new location and having to rent.

Selling A House You’ve Inherited

In the event of a death in the family, you may find yourself executor of an estate. The estate may contain a house you don’t want. You may also be dealing with other beneficiaries with lots of opinions about what should happen with that property. To keep things as simple and calm as possible,

  • contact an investment buyer and ask for an offer on the property
  • get a valuation on the open market
  • talk to a contractor about the updates the house would need to sell on the open market

The house you inherited may indeed be a showplace and ready to sell on the open market. However, even with that good news, you will have to keep the utilities on, find someone to manage the landscaping, make the house look lived in, and prevent vandalism and theft.

With a solid offer from a real estate investor, you and the other beneficiaries can walk away from the transaction with cash in your pockets. There will be no contention about who is paying what bill, who is checking the property on a daily basis, and who is mowing the yard.

Most importantly, once you Sell My House Fast Grandview MO, you can reduce a source of contention between yourself and the other beneficiaries. Too often, the process of inheriting can bring up old battles and cause serious problems between siblings. With a quick sale, everyone can move forward before small challenges turn into huge disagreements.

Personal Disruptions

Many people in the midst of divorce find that they need to sell a house quickly. Perhaps one spouse wants a newer home in Kansas City, Kansas and the other spouse wants to head east to Blue Springs. A fast sale of the existing Grandview property can protect both parties from the financial devastation too often wrought by divorce.

  • Keep things simple. Instead of dealing with
  • splitting one household into two
  • the mess of moving
  • the stress of showing
  • the work of repairs and updates

contact Kansas City Home Offers for one showing appointment. Be aware that real estate investors generally don’t care about things like carpet and paint; most investor buyers have contacts who can make those upgrades once they take possession of the property. You don’t have to clean up the moving mess when the investor is coming to view the property.

Divorce is never easy, but selling your home to an investor can be a healthy step in making a clean break that will allow you to move forward. If you and your soon to be ex-spouse have been trying to live together and keep things friendly, selling to an investor will remove a lot of stress.

The Payout

An offer from an investor may indeed by lower than you can get from an owner occupant once the house is on the market. However, investors can pay out extremely quickly because their financing structure is different. They have access to quick cash which you can get in short order and move on with your life.

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