Guide To Selling Houses In Pre-foreclosure

If you are going through a difficult time that will not allow you to pay your mortgage for whatever reason, there is a couple of solutions that you can choose from. To sell your home, talk to the lender, bankrupt, or turn in your home to the lender are just some options. However, if the lender will not negotiate terms, your best solution is to sell your house to home buyers. They are most likely ready to give a cash offer for your property. 

In this post, we will guide you through selling your home in pre-foreclosure and what is your best course of action. 

Understanding Pre-Foreclosure

Pre-Foreclosure is the time interval between the first formal warning a homeowner receives to get the balance current and the scheduled date for the sale of the property. It occurs from three to six months after the homeowner misses the first mortgage payment in terms of months. 

The first formal warning usually is sent three months after you miss the first mortgage payment. It states a demand to accelerate payment that describes how much you own and usually 30 days to get your balance straight. If you do not do something about it for the next three months, the mortgage company will schedule the property sale.

When Is Time To Sell?

The best time to sell your home and make sure you get the best offer possible is in the pre-foreclosure period. If certainly that will not catch up on mortgage payments and have decided to sell your home, do it within the first four months of missing the first payment. 

Do not be ashamed of selling your home; it is the best and wisest decision to catch up with debt. Selling it at this point gives you time to prepare your home and review the offers made for it. Working within this range of time allows you to find out how much your home is worth, make sure you do not make low-ball offers, and have some net income that will help you set up your new home. 

Whom To Sell

When you know how much your home is worth, sell it to the highest possible offer. Nevertheless, you should consider selling your property to home investors. Here is why: 

  • The process of selling your home is fast. A home investor will visit the property, evaluate it, and make an offer. If accepted, within weeks, the transaction should be closed.
  • Cash Offers. The process is a lot smoother when it comes to cash transactions. 
  • More money into your pocket. Some home buyer companies offer no commission fees and a free quote to make you keep the cash you need.

Kansas City Home Offers Can Buy Your Foreclosure Home

Kansas City Home Offers is a home buying company known for its fairness and quickness when buying foreclosure homes. Salvage your credit and money with the possibility of selling your house as-is. No commissions are charged, and you get a free quote. Do not waste time nor money on repairs, and contact us to sell your home within a week or less. 


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