Home Buyers Vs Realtors

Homeowners are often told to hire a real estate agent for the best experience in their home selling journey. But is it worth it? There are many benefits of hiring an agent, but there are alternatives such as home buyers. This blog post will outline the comparison of both sides to decide if you want to hire an agent or contact a home buying company. 


If you’re looking for the idea of “sell my house fast,” then home buyers are clear winners. When you work with a real estate agent, you can expect nothing less but months being listed on the MLS or Zillow. 

Yet, with home buyers, you can expect to sell your house within weeks, sometimes even days. For example, at Kansas City Home Offers, we buy houses for a fair cash offer within 24 hours and close the deal within seven days. 


Real estate agents are experts in the housing market, yet, they are expensive to work with. The average commission fee is 6% of your home sale. We’re talking about, on average 5-digit numbers and sometimes even more. 

On the other hand, with home buyers selling your house is free! You might be wondering, how is that possible? Well, homebuyers don’t charge commission fees nor closing costs! The price settled is the price you’re getting paid. 


Part of the “sell my house fast” idea is not having an endless showing of your property. So, suppose you plan to sell your house without worrying about showings, making repairs, or enhancements. In that case, it’s homebuyers who fit your criteria. Realtors will probably ask you for contingencies and inspections. That’s a big obstacle for a smooth and fast process. 

If Home Buyers Are Your Winners, Kansas City Home Offers Is The Champion

Our team of home buying professionals is here to offer you a cash offer for your house – and we can close as fast as next week. If you’re ready to sell but don’t want the hassle, give us a call today! Let our expert staff walk you through how it works; all we need is the address and some quick information about your property. 

We buy houses in any condition and make sure there are no hassles like filling out paperwork or getting an appraisal done by someone else first. Just think, if selling on your sounds too much work, try giving us a call instead! We’re your best option in Grandview and Kansas City, MO.

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