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Whether you plan to move to another part of the Kansas City Metro area or will be leaving the region, the ability to sell your home quickly can take a lot of stress and uncertainty out of your life. One of the big challenges of selling your home in any market is the contingency process; you can’t complete your purchase of another home without selling yours. If you’re selling due to financial worries or a big disruption in your household, the stress is even worse. Sell to Kansas City Home offers for a faster process and Cash Offers.

Benefits of a Fast Sale

From the day your home goes on the market, the clock is ticking. If it doesn’t sell fairly quickly, the property may linger and potential buyers will start to avoid it, wondering if there’s something wrong with the property or if it’s over-priced for the market. By selling to an investor, you can avoid all these questions. You can also avoid the time and expense that would go into showing the property over and over again.

Benefits of Selling to an Investor

If your house needs work, the buyer pool will be limited. To Sell My House Kansas City MO effectively, marketing a house that needs repairs to investors is the fastest way to find the right buyer. While a home that’s sold to a first-time home buyer needs to pass multiple inspections and clear a lot of hoops, when a house is sold to an investor, the burden is on the investor to pass the necessary scrutiny.

An FHA mortgage recipient will need to buy a house that’s functionally move-in ready. The exterior will need to be in good repair and, if possible, maintenance-free. The interior doesn’t have to be high-end, but all

  • appliances
  • HVAC
  • water heater

and the like will need to be functional and have some life left. The FHA financing structure puts the burden on the seller to make sure that the new home buyer isn’t overwhelmed. If your house needs work, selling to an investor can speed the process.

Reduce Uncertainties

The year 2020 was full of uncertainties and spring 2021 hasn’t been confidence-engendering, to say the least. It’s a nervous time. Pandemic stress has put many citizens in terrible financial difficulty, from small businesses to employees and from service workers to students. If your current finances have put you at risk of losing your home, selling to an investor can prevent you from having a foreclosure on your credit record for the next seven years.

Move Forward Quickly

No matter the source of your housing challenge, making the decision to sell to an investor can change things up in many ways. First of all, you can stop putting in the time to show the house and just focus on packing and finding a new place. Secondly, any renovation or repair dollars you had set aside can be routed straight into your savings for your next home purchase or rental. Finally, you will know how much you’re getting and when.

Many Problems: Solved

Many people find themselves the unwilling owner of more than one house. If you’ve inherited a property that you don’t plan to keep, you may be facing a set of expenses and worries that simply aren’t worth the stress. You may need to

  • pay two sets of utility bills
  • maintain two lawns
  • worry about security in two different homes
  • deal with fellow beneficiaries with their own feelings about the property

Selling to an investor offers you several ways to get free of these worries. First of all, a real estate investor may have a caretaker who can stay in the home to keep the lights on and reduce the risk of break-in, theft and vandalism. Investors have a rolodex of contractors to do repairs as needed. Best of all, investors have access to quick cash and can pay you and your fellow beneficiaries off quickly.

From Overland Park to Gladstone and from Kansas City, Kansas to Raytown, there are many citizens who need to sell their homes. If you’re having a hard time getting offers on your property, make an appointment to have it seen by Kansas City Home Offers. If you need out from under a house, they can give you a fair offer and free you from the burden of a house that no longer serves you and your family.

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