Should I Repair My Foreclosure Home or Sell As-Is?

When it comes to foreclosure, the best course of action is to sell the house. The house sale might allow you to pay the mortgage debt and still earn some money to start a new life. However, a question could pop up in your mind: “Should I repair my home or sell it as-is?” The honest answer is: it depends. In this blog, you will learn which one is the best road to take and under what circumstances. 

Why Repair Your Home And Then Sell It

Repairing your home can be your way to go in cases of minor repairs or upgrades that will not last long to install. It will prevent the house’s value from dropping considerably.  Residents have three months from the first formal writing to catch up and avoid eviction, meaning that it is the best opportunity to sell your house in this time-lapse.

You have to consider that selling your house can take weeks or months to close unless you sell it to homebuyers. If a repair or update can be done within a maximum of weeks, it is better to do so. The house will become more attractive, and its value can be better than selling it as-is. If it takes longer, then it is not recommended. 

Why Sell As-Is

Selling your home as-is is the fastest way to sell your home. When facing foreclosure, time is vital, and a quick sale is ideal. By selling your home in the condition it is, the price of your property will decrease. Still, it will attract some buyers, especially home investors. However, many potential buyers will try to low-ball you. 

It is recommended to determine how much your property is worth as-is and see if it is enough to satisfy your mortgage debt. Still, attracting home investors will smooth the path to a quick sale. They are part of home buyer companies ready to give you cash offers for your property. They are experienced in closing deals within weeks or less. 

Why Sell Your Home to Kansas City Home Offers?

It seems that without a homebuyer company, as a homeowner, you will have to sacrifice either time or money to be able to sell your home. Luckily, with Kansas City Home Offers, you do not have to sacrifice time nor money but receive both. Whether you recently repaired your home or are selling as-is, we will help you avoid foreclosure and help you keep your financial credit.

Kansas City Home Offers is a homebuyer company that will guarantee you money. By giving a fair cash offer for your home without charging commission fees and giving you a free quote, we are helping to put more cash in your pocket. Time will not be altered either, as our experts will close the quick sale within a week or less. You also set the timeframe of moving out, and we will wait. Contact us to get money and take advantage of your time.


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