When It’s The Best Time To Sell My House In Kansas City, MO?

Is “sell my house” one of your most recent searches on Google? We encourage you to discover when it’s the best time to sell your home before you decide. It’ll be faster to sell during some months, and it’ll be more profitable during others. Stick to this article to learn when it’ll be the best month according to your needs and expectations. 

We have listed a bonus solution to sell your house fast and for a fair price at the end of this article. Continue reading to find out! 

When To Sell 

According to the Red Data Center, in 2019, the best time to sell a house in Kansas was May and June. But it’ll depend on what your goal is. If your dream of “sell my house” is to sell it fast, then May proved to be the month that’s 11 days faster than average. However, June was when the sales proved at least 10,000 dollars higher than the average medium price.

Does this mean that you’ll have to wait almost a year to sell your house? Not necessarily. In Kansas City, December proved to be the most lucrative and fastest month to sell your property. However, if you can’t wait until December to sell your home, sell it for a fair cash offer to home buying companies like Kansas City Home Offers. 

Analyzing The Market Trend

Here are some seasonal considerations you should be aware of when pursuing your dream of “sell my house”: 

  • Summer: we’ll start with summer because we’re in the middle of it. Because families are looking to move before school starts, there will be a high demand, but you’ll have lots of competition. 
  • Fall: the housing market will start to taper, but so will competition. You’ll still have a chance to sell your house, but it’ll be a little more complicated. 
  • Winter: This is the slowest season for the housing market during the year. However, it’s when the chances of deals falling through are also the smallest. 
  • Spring: During the spring seasons, it’s when the housing demand starts to peak, but it’s when you have the most competition. 

But why wait? You can sell your home regardless of the season to Kansas City Home Offers. We even buy houses as-is. During this hot season, how cool is that? 

Sell Your Home Within A Week To Kansas City Home Offers

Yes. You read that right. At Kansas City Home Offers, we buy houses in less than a week and for a fair cash offer. All you have to do is get in touch with us, we’ll schedule an appointment, give you a cash offer for your property, and if you accept it, the deal is closed within a week. Contact us to learn more! 


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